Thursday, 7 April 2011

small waist,big hips and bum and want to be a model

Hi there my name is Charmaine. My aim is to build confidence in  ladies out there who have a dream of becoming models but are being disappointed all the time. I have been there myself, i thought i would be like Naomi by now. I thought i was perfect to be a model, i mean i am tall, and slim. The only problem which i never thought of as a problem is that i'm tall yes, slim, yes, but i have a big bum and big hips, yes but they are not excessively big for god's sake. Well  that is how my dream was shattered. If you are in the same shoes, you want to be a model but you've got big hips and bum that shouldn't be the end of your dream i can help you that is why i am here, to help you further your dream. till next time, chow chow